European Research Project sucessfully Completed

Team Nanotec is proud to be part of the consortium, who successfully completed a European Research Project on highly integrated systems in a package. A press release from the project coordinator, Infineon Technologies will be found at

Information on the ESIP project will be found here

New probes for materials characterization available

HSC (hemispherical cone) tips are an extension of our EL-HAR5 tips. Due to the defined hemispherical tip shape, the ideal application is material characterization by nano indentation (e.g. bio-medical materials, polymeres), as described by S. Belikov et al in "Theoretical modelling and implementation of elastic modulus measurement at the nanoscale using atomic force microscope" published in  Journal of Physics: Conference Series 61 (2007) 1303 - 1307.

Other applications are surface roughness and step height measurements with extended tip life, due to wear resistant coatings.

These tips are coated with either metal carbide, silicon nitride or hydrophobic carbon and are available with various tip radii. The tips can be shipped with SEM images.

Team Nanotec releases new probes for biological applications

The conical shaped probe will be offered as Bio-SC rack, which consists of 8 tips mounted in a frame. The probes are intended for applications where surface modifications are made to alter the chemistry of the probe, e.g. functionalisation in biological experiments. With the Bio-SC rack this can be done much more economical than with single cantilever chips.
The Bio-SC rack is offered in 2 modifications, with and without Gold coating.

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