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AFM probe tips for scanning probe microscopy - silicon mems - Team Nanotec

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Aspire Probe

Aspire - Conical AFM Tips

AFM probes are conically-shaped AFM tips for the mass-market. Made of high quality, highly doped single crystal silicon, the aspire probes are robust and offer long imaging life.

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Probe Tip Characterizer

Probe tip characterizers

Probe tip characterizers are used to check the shape and the dimension of the probe tip. Each cell is numbered, which facilitates recalibration at the identical position.

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Tilt corrected CDP probe for trench depth measurement

SPM Probe Tips

SPM probe tips are for general use in most AFM systems. Team Nanotec offers a wide variety of probes.

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Teaser Beam


Using MEMS technology we fabricate beam shaping apertures  with well controlled profiles, extremely smooth sidewalls, very small corner radii and precise dimensions.

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Metrology Probes

Team Nanotec metrology probes for use in 3D-AFM systems comprise round probes for measureing line or trench width and shape as well as cylindrical probes for depth measurements.

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Aspire - Conical AFM Probe

SXM - Probes

We develop and manufacture SXM - Probe Tips.

Feel free to contact us if you have SXM probe tip needs.

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